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Examination of Nominations


Prior to 4:00 p.m. on the Monday following Nomination Day (August 19, 2022) the Municipal Clerk shall examine each nomination filed and if satisfied the person is qualified to be nominated and that the nomination complies with the Act, the Clerk shall certify as such on the nomination filed.


If not satisfied, the Municipal Clerk shall reject the nomination and as soon as possible, give notice to the person who sought to be nominated and all other candidates for that office.

The Municipal Clerk's decision to clarify or reject a nomination is final. Under the Municipal Elections Act (MEA), the Municipal Clerk is required to reject or certify nominations of candidates. The Municipal Clerk may wish to consider the following criteria in their decision to reject or clarify individual nominations:

  • Candidate has refused or declined to provide proof of identification suitable to the Municipal Clerk;
  • Candidate does not satisfy the requirements set out in MEA, s.29(1) (eligibility requirements);
  • The nomination form is incomplete;
  • The prescribed filing fee has not been paid; and
  • The necessary financial disclosure was not filed for the previous election or any by-election in which the individual may have been a candidate.