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Water Billing

Water Billing

Water Rates are set by Council through BY-LAW 24-023 and reviewed annually.

Should you need to notify the water or tax departments of an address change, please complete this form.

The Town of Kirkland Lake issues two different kinds of water bills:

Quarterly Flat Rate: January, April, July & October (based on number of apartments or rooms and bathrooms in your home).
Metered: monthly billing based on consumption.

For more information on your water bill or water rates in general, please contact the water clerk at 705-567-9361, ext. 233.

Tenant Authorization for Utilities

If you own a property, you have the opportunity to have your water bill mailed to a designate. This person could be a tenant, son or daughter, or other.

Property owners remain responsible for the full payment of all water and sewer charges if a designate is receiving the Utility Bill.

Property owners are responsible for keeping the Municipality informed of any changes to a designate (i.e. new tenant). A new Owner Tenant authorization must be completed when a designate changes.

If a Utility Bill is not paid on time, the Town of Kirkland Lake reserves the right to transfer the unpaid balance to the property owner's property tax account for collection, including any fees related to the transfer of the unpaid Water Bill to the tax account.

To enroll for this arrangement, please fill out the Tenant Authorization for Utilities Form.

Electronic Water Billing

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) came into effect on July 1, 2014. The law was created to stop unsolicited commercial electronic messages, the illegal alteration of data and to control unwanted program downloads onto people’s computers. This law affects the distribution of all email communications by all corporate departments and facilities.

In order to receive water bills electronically, please complete the form below: