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Waste Management & Recycling

Household Waste Collection

The collection of household waste is conducted weekly by Green For Life Environmental (GFL), working under contract with the Town of Kirkland Lake. GFL is also responsible for the recycling contract, which involves a bi-weekly residential curbside collection and transporting of materials to the market. Note: GFL collects only small blue boxes and blue carts. To ensure pick-up, recyclable material must be placed loose within a box or cart. Recyclables which are bagged (i.e. in a 'blue' bag) may not be collected.

If you need information regarding pick-up days in your neighbourhood, or have any other questions, please contact the Department of Development Services at 705-567-9365.

For information about GFL or to inquire about a missed collection, contact GFL directly at 1-800-430-7778.

Collection Routes

Hazardous Waste