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Swim Lessons & Rates

Continuous Evaluation

With the LifeSaving Society program the instructors are continuously evaluating the participant. As they progress from level to level the Instructor begins to work on the next level immediately.

On the last class, a progress memo is distributed to each student to outline their accomplishments and indicate what level to register them in next time.

Emphasizing Achievement

Parents: during each and every session your child is enrolled in lessons, he or she is learning, experiencing and achieving. During the 9 lessons, some children will progress to the next level and others will continue to work at the same level. At the end of a session, if your child does not move on to the next level, please don't consider it a failure. Unfortunately some participants become extremely stressed on the last day while waiting to pass or fail. As instructors, we work hard to reduce this stress by using continuous evaluation and by emphasizing achievements. With the standards required with the LifeSaving Program, it is quite probable that candidates will remain in each level, learning and excelling, for many sessions.

Swim Lesson Progression Chart