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Information for Candidates


Key Dates

Nomination Period: May 2, 2022 to August 19, 2022

Between May 2, 2022 to August 18, 2022, nomination papers can be filed BY APPOINTMENT ONLY with the Municipal Clerk (or designate) during regular municipal office hours being 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, excluding Statutory holidays.

Nomination Day: August 19, 2022

On Nomination Day, nomination papers can be filed BY APPOINTMENT ONLY with the Municipal Clerk (or designate) between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

Important Information

To run for the office of mayor, councillor or school board trustee, a person must file a nomination paper and provide proof of qualifying address within the Town of Kirkland lake or the school board jurisdiction and the appropriate filing fee.

Additionally, mayor and councillor nominees must provide at least 25 endorsements of nomination from eligible voters. Note: The nomination paper and endorsement of nomination forms must have original signatures.

Until a nomination paper is filed, a person cannot raise or spend any money on their campaign.

For more information, please check out the 2022 Candidates' Guide prepared by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

To see a list of the nominees who have filed, view the Nominees Filed for Office page.


Monday, October 24, 2022


Lead Where You Live: AMO’s Guide to Running for Municipal Election

The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) understands there are many moving parts and things to know when it comes to running for municipal council.

With the October 2022 election in mind, AMO has assembled an easy-to-use guide that provides all the information you need when preparing to run for council. What you will find in AMO’s guide are important considerations on managing your campaign like:

  • 2022 municipal election key dates
  • What you can expect once you step into the spotlight
  • Important considerations on campaign finances
  • Campaign rules; and
  • Election day and alternative voting

Although the Lead Where You Live guide doesn’t get into the ins and outs of council and council meetings, it does highlight things you will want to get familiar with during your campaign so you are prepared should you be elected.

After the election, AMO will be providing a range of training and resources to help incoming councillors navigate the ins and outs of council meetings, legislation, staff-council relationships, conflict of interest and so much more.

This new and refreshed guide replaces AMO’s 'So You Are Thinking of Running for Council'.

Get your copy of Lead Where You Live here.