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Property Standards

Property Standards BY-LAW NO. 19-054

The Property Standards By-law prescribes the standards for maintenance and occupancy of a property. The By-law details the general standards for all properties within the Town of Kirkland Lake, including the exterior and interior of a building, non-residential property standards requirements, fire damaged buildings, demolished and vacant buildings and illicit marijuana operations. The administration and enforcement of this By-law is conducted by a Property Standards Officer. Any Officer or any person acting under his/her instructions may, at reasonable times, and on producing proper identification, enter and inspect any property. Where an Officer finds that a property does not conform with any of the standards prescribed in the By-law, the Officer may make an Order to Comply. These orders may be registered against title.

Property Standards Committee

The Committee was established in accordance with BY-LAW NO. 19-054 and is to consist of no fewer than three members. The Committee shall review any appeals made in relation to an Order issued.