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Compliance Audit Committee

The Timiskaming District Joint Compliance Audit Committee (TDCAC) receives and makes decisions on applications for compliance audits of candidates' and registered third parties 2022 municipal election campaign finances and any by-election campaign finances during the 2022-2026 Council term.

The Committee is also responsible for reviewing reports submitted by the Clerk with respect to any contributor who appears to have contravened any of the contribution limits to a candidates' or registered third party election campaign.

The Timiskaming District Joint Compliance Audit Committee (TDCAC) is comprised of three (3) voting members of the public and two (2) additional alternate members as follows:

At this time the Timiskaming District and area municipal Clerks are conducting a call for interest in membership.

How to apply

Applicants are asked to complete an application form and submit it with a resume and cover letter that outlines experience and relevant knowledge, particularly related to the Municipal Elections Act.

Completed applications can be submitted by July 31, 2022 to:

Town of Kirkland Lake Municipal Clerk: [email protected] or by mail to: Town of Kirkland Lake , Attn: Municipal Clerk, P.O. Box 1757, 3 Kirkland Street West, Kirkland Lake ON  P2N 3P4

Qualifications, Term and Remuneration

TDCAC members should have the ability to understand and apply the election campaign finance provisions of the Municipal Elections Act  and must be considered impartial with respect to their ability to fulfill their responsibilities.

Preference shall be given to those applicants with experience in accounting, municipal administration and/or law.

The TDCAC will be established by October 1, 2022 and continue until 2026. Successful applicants will receive one mandatory training session and any preparation/review required. If called to investigate, a per-meeting remuneration of $150 plus mileage (if required) will be provided.

Additional Resources

The Timiskaming District Joint Compliance Audit Committee (TDCAC) is established pursuant to Section 88.37 of the Municipal Elections Act and pursuant to the Timiskaming District Joint Compliance Audit Committee (TDCAC) Terms of Reference as established by the Town of Kirkland Lake, to deal with the matters provided for in Sections 88.33, 88.34, 88.35, and 88.36 of the Municipal Elections Act.