Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) is comprised of four members; one Councilor and three community representatives, appointed under Section 8 of the Planning Act. The PAC functions as a first step in the planning process by advising Council on a wide variety of land use issues related to specific development proposals.

The purpose of the PAC is to:

  1. Evaluate recommendations made by planning staff; and,
  2. Make a recommendation to Council to approve, defer with conditions or deny a Zoning By-law Amendment application.

PAC members are appointed to speak on behalf of the public prior to the public presentation of the development proposal. PAC meetings are normally closed to the public however applicants are welcome to attend and present their proposal.

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment is a body appointed by Council that considers applications for minor variances from the Zoning By-law and applications for land division (consent to sever land). It is the responsibility of the Secretary-Treasurer to accept all applications for processing, upon submission by the applicant.

Applications to the Committee of Adjustment will be processed in accordance with the requirements of Section 45 and 53 of the Planning Act.

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