The Public Works Division of the Public Works & Engineering Services Division is responsible for the maintenance of roads, water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and surface drainage systems as well as the operation of the Lionel Sherratt Water Filtration Plant and the Swastika Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Division’s primary responsibilities include:


This section is responsible for the management duties of the Division, including monitoring departmental expenditures, budgeting, billing, and human resource management. It also assists the public with inquiries and complaints, handles all insurance claims against the Town, municipal, provincial and federal governments in matters that impact on its activities or responsibilities. As part of its responsibilities, it ensures that all government standards and guidelines are adhered to.


This section is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Lionel Sherratt Water Filtration Plant, water control buildings and wastewater lift stations. Public services rendered by the section include the maintenance, repairs and/or replacement of all water and sanitary sewer lines and mains, inspection and maintenance of all manholes, thawing of frozen water lines, water turn off/on, water valves, blocked sewers, fire hydrant inspections, maintenance and snow removal.


The section is responsible for winter and summer road maintenance, as well as maintaining municipal vehicles and equipment.

For more information, contact:

Public Works & Engineering Services Division
Tel: 705-567-9365
After Hours: 705-567-9364
Fax: 705-567-9400

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