The Engineering Division of the Department of Physical Services provides the necessary services to carry out design and construction of municipal infrastructure.

This involves pre-design and design of roads and works, project approvals, contract assembly and tendering, survey, inspection, and payment. The Division also maintains the town’s street lighting and traffic signals, and deals with municipal parking issues.

The Division’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Capital Works
    This includes overseeing the construction of capital projects such as the town’s sanitary sewer systems, water systems, storm sewers and roadway base. It also includes the provision of engineering services for this work, including surveying, design, drafting and construction supervision, as well as liaison with utility companies, provincial authorities, etc.
  • Street Lighting and Traffic Lights
    This includes administration of the street lighting agreement with Ontario Hydro and for the maintenance of the system. It also includes the operation and maintenance of the town’s traffic lights.

For more information, contact:

Public Works & Engineering Services Division
Tel: 705-567-9365
After Hours: 705-567-9364
Fax: 705-567-9400

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